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45 colt 300 gr primer and H110 question

Guys i bought some 300 grain speer sp and 300 gr hornady hp-xtp bullets. My manual calls for 21.5-23.5 gr H110 with CCI magnum primers.

All I have on me are Winchester Large pistom primers (that are marked for standard and magnum.) Will it be ok to use the WLP with this data?

Also the Hornady data calls for 17.9-21.7 grains of Win296. I have heard that 296 and H110 are basically the same powder.

Will I be ok using the Win296 data for the H110 with the xtp?

One last thing. Does anyone have experience with these loads? I will be shooting them out of a New model Blackhawk 4 5/8 barrel.

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