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Glenn said: has a column indicating that the ATF might be doomed.

I am all for ending the reign of the ATF. They are a pack of thugs with badges. However, as Mike Vanderboegh (one of the fellows who broke this story) has pointed out, ending the ATF will be a bone the Obama administration will want to toss to the rabid gun nuts. It won't stop the enforcement of more than 20,000 gun laws that exist. It could give greater power and less accountability to another alphabet soup agency. It is a "cure" that may turn out to be ever worse than the disease.

...and Tom Servo, if you consider the siege and fire on day 53 at The Branch Davidian to be a demonstration of "FBI restraint", I shudder to think what your idea of lack of restraint would be.

I believe a special prosecutor needs to be assigned to this matter. A full investigation followed by criminal prosecutions of all parties involved including, ATF, DoJ (Holder and company), State (St. Hillary), DEA, IRS, HSA (Janet Napolitano). Jail time for guilty parties and revocation of pensions would really get some attention. Maybe even impeachment proceedings against the Obama-messiah.
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