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The "weak" straw buyer laws say that a straw buyer can go to prison for ten years and be fined $250,000. That's more than a wrist slap!

The complaints that straw buyers get a wrist slap are not due to weakness in the law, but due to the nature of our justice system. Prosecutors want to threaten straw buyers with a serious prison term and a serious fine? OK, they can already do that, in my opinion.

The problem is, they have to threaten the straw buyer with what a big, bad JURY might do to them. Keeping in mind that a straw buyer must be someone with little, if any, criminal record, what are the odds of that happening? No jury is going to put a first offender away for ten years and fine them a quarter million dollars. If we made the maximum penalty 50 years and ten million, no jury would do that to a first offender either.

A jury is just never going to be as threatening as the criminals that a straw buyer is being asked to finger.
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