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Translation: We don't like the existing laws, so we make them up as we go along.
Ya pretty much.

I wouldn't expect Ronnie Carter - former ATF to be in touch with reality, and I wouldn't expect anything he says to be accurate.

The problem is not some supposed weakness in the law - what a meaningless nonsensical statement.

The problem with the BATFE is that it is trying to justify it's own existence by fabricating a threat where no threat exists. It is a very expensive solution to a non-existent problem.

It is led by a group of people who are willing to whore the agency out for political purposes.

I think the top tiers of people who lead the FBI are much more tuned into the core mission of the FBI and they are experienced enough and smart enough to stick to enforcing the law, guarding the reputation of the bureau and not allowing it to be used as a tool in ideological debates between parties. If a president – any president went to the FBI and said – I want you to do this investigation that really paints abortion clinic doctors in a bad light so we can hopefully get some laws changed in this country – he would get pushback, if a president went to the FBI and said – I want you to do this investigation that really paints abortion clinic protesters in a bad light so we can change some laws in this country – likewise he would get pushback. Even if they have an idiotic director, the rest of the bureau is focused on the FBIs mission and value its reputation.

The BATFE isn’t like that. The top levels of BATFE whored the agency out in a myopic effort to curry favor with the administration and anti-gun politicians.

I would argue that we can’t afford an agency – any agency to lack integrity to this degree.

I doubt the NRA is secretly in favor of keeping the BATFE around because it serves their purposes to have some sort of paper tiger of an agency in charge of federal firarms regulations.

The NRA has always supported the military and law enforcement in this country, and is completely and strongly in favor of keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals. If the BATFE had the same view they would receive the full support of the NRA.
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