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Dry fire is one of the best drills you can do at home with no RO over your back. At my new range the bays are 4.5 feet wide. I take a cardboard backing and put two pie plates one at each end of the backing. I clip that onto the target carrier and run it out to 10 yards. My range does not permit draw and shoot, but I can pick the gun up off the table and then shoot it. With the bay 4.5 feet wide, I can start on one side of it, pick up gun and two rounds on left pie plate, slide my feet to the right side of the bay and repeat with the right pie plate. A little practice with this will improve your picking up targets in your sights and hitting them, moving and repeating the same. Using a timer places some stress on you to perform. In the last couple of weeks I have seen some others doing the same thing. I also offer them praise for doing things differently.
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