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CA Attorney Donald Kilmer sent me an email this afternoon. I got home from work, read the email, then the decision. For those who don't understand legal speak, here is what has happened:

In the matter of Enos v. Holder (lifetime ban on misdemeanor domestic violence, Don Kilmer, CA), the court has found that Bastasini, Mercado, Groves, Monteiro, Erickson, and Newman lack standing and are dismissed, pending a second amended complaint.

The court also dismissed the First, Tenth and Fifth Amendment claims of Enos (and subsequently all parties), with prejudice.

The claims for declaratory relief and Second Amendment claims are still alive, pending a second amended complaint, which must be filed within 20 days. Judgment dated July 7th and entered today, July 8th.

The ruling is here.

As Don said to me, "Mixed result, but mostly good." The lawsuit is still alive. SAC will be due on or before Aug. 4th.
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