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Originally Posted by publius42
I thought the biggest news of the day was that the Washington Post has finally printed what the government did, or at least a significant part of it.
Talk about alternate universe reporting... here are the main points I learned from the Washington Post coverage:

1. Melson testified to Congress with his own personal lawyer rather than ATF and DOJ lawyers and admitted his agency "made mistakes."

2. Anonymous sources (the same ones that claimed Issa was briefed on Fast and Furious?) claim that Melson testified that Holder had no knowledge of Fast and Furious and that it would be unusual for any DoJ officials in Washington to know the details.

3. The same anonymous sources say U.S. Attoney's Office in Phoenix was the one overseeing the program. (Attention Dennis Burke! DOJ Bus Service is now ready to board you. Please lie down in front of the vehicle and standby for further instruction. Whatever you do, don't show up before the Judiciary Committee with your own counsel).

4. Assistant AG Ronald Weich stated that the two Republicans unfairly criticized DOJ for not cooperating when they have released over 6,000 documents (no comment on the fact that some of those "released" documents were black pages from being entirely redacted of course)

5. The DOJ Inspector General is on the case and the important thing is that the investigation be allowed to run its course before we jump to any conclusions - even Melson's attorney agrees!.

6. Melson said DOJ's handling of the controversy has been "problematic."

In short, the WaPo got right to the meat of the story; which is that the heroic Justice Department is doing its best to comply with the ridiculous demands of Congressional oversight while simultaneously investigating the occasional mistakes of its lower-level, not-in-Washington, really-we-hardly-even-know-that-guy, minions.

How sad is it that ABC News Reporter and former Handgun Control, Inc. employee, Jake Tapper has been pushing the White House harder on this than the paper behind Watergate? I've got to give Mr. Tapper credit, he is one of the few supporters of gun control who isn't willing to turn a blind eye to this scandal because it was perpetrated by supposed allies.

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