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That's the point I'm making.
My apologies. I ran across the Huffpo thing this afternoon as well, and I fully expected doom and gloom. I misread your post at first as that. As it turns out, you and I are in total agreement. That makes you a really sharp guy.

To be more clear: It seems that every 6 months or so the UN Small Arms Treaty makes the e-mail rounds, sometimes a book comes out, sometimes it makes Drudge, about how Obama/Clinton/George Soros is going to take our guns via the Small Arms Treaty without having to go through Congress.
Well, the HR45 thing burned itself out finally. The "expiring primer" thing petered out. Gosh, what's left? The gun culture can't go a day without some sort of drama, so folks keep dredging up the treaty.

(I'm also getting very weary of LaPierre's chicken little act)

Lately, that seems to be the idea that the President will try de facto gun control via executive order. Know what? I want him to try that. The other two branches of government would be all over it like hyenas on a limping zebra.

You know what worries me? That big asteroid they say is going to hit us next year. I know that no astronomer has ever seen it, that its trajectory defies the laws of physics, and that the culture that predicted it is now extinct, but the guy passing out pamphlets seemed pretty sure. Maybe I should panic and make drastic decisions.

Start hoarding ammo! Again!
Sometimes it’s nice not to destroy the world for a change.
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