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NWdude.... I did check gunbroker and I saw several SPS rifles that were under $500. One was used and all the youth models I saw were over $500.

The going rate for the Marlin was around $350 and I think the Marlin is an ok gun, but for $100 more you could get a Remington SPS. $50 more dollars will get you a Weatherby Vanguard. $75-80 more would get you a T/C Venture. If you just want the Marlin thats fine, but if it was me I would save up a little more and get a better rifle.
$500 if you find one in the caliber you want PLUS $20-$30 s/h PLUS $30-$35 FFL fee. Im not hating on the SPS, it a good gun. I would buy one. But some people can or only want to spend $400 or less on a new rifle...

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