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I have something of a love-hate relationship with the .44 Special. I love the cartridge, I really do, but I'm not so fond of the packages that it comes in.
You are right. .44 Special is better in a gun that is appropriately sized. Which is why you don't shoot .44 Specials in your .44 Magnum N frame and then post about how you don't see why everybody likes them so much? The old large frame .44 Specials (mostly) predate .44 Magnum. They are the guns people like Elmer Keith used to work up the loads which became the .44 Magnum. Here in 2011, if I want that kind of performance, I will use the big Magnum revolver. But for 90% of my shooting, I would rather have the smaller, more handy, lighter gun that can use .44 Special.

In my case, I have several. Used to have two Rossi 720's. One of each model (DA/SA and DAO). I relented and let my gunsmith buy the DAO one from me but the other one is staying here. I normally carry a S&W M296 with the 200 grain DPX load. When Ruger came out with the .44 Special FT, I bought one with the 5.5" barrel. I also acquired a well used .357 OM and had it converted to .44 Special. That one has a 5.1" barrel.

Wow, do I really only have four now? That seems wrong! I may be missing somebody. Otherwise I need to go buy some more! Ruger is making the FT in .44 Special and stainless, I'm sure I need one of those.

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