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fixed broken link to Bensen

The "new" ordinance wouldn't have taken effect for ten days. Now add to this that the injunction (as used by the circuit court) will prohibit much that the ordinance was designed to do. So the case is not mooted. Expect Alan Gura to read that ordinance and apply for an injunction that would make it null and void. Strictly according to the opinion of the appeal, mind you.

The injunction is a preliminary injunction, not a temporary restraining order, as was first applied for. Gura will prevail on the merits and the injunction will become permanent. As these things go, if a prelim is ordered, it almost always means that the plaintiffs will prevail. In the same sense, a prelim is almost always permanent.

This SAF/Gura case has won. Even if Chicago now revises its Range Ordinance, to be compliant with the injunction, it is after the the win at Circuit. There is nothing that the District Judge can do to change this. Gura gets his fees.


With this case, it just gave a big boost to the NRA case, Bensen v. Chicago.

Plus, there are two other cases in Illinois that will be helped: Moore v. Madigan and Sheppard v. Madigan. These cases are carry cases. With the current ruling of Ezell, it just became much easier to show that carry for self defense is a central component of the core right.

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