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I didn't realize it had anything to do with being gun advocate/NRA lifetime member/Etc... or not. Mea culpa.

LOL, you think being a gun advocate or NRA lifetime member or some such non-business-related title is going to have anything to do with a company letting folks carry at work? Companies don't care about such ancillary things anymore more than they care if you are a cake baking champ at the state fair. They aren't going to change a policy for you.

Now don't get your knickers in a wad. I was seriously trying to help you with your goal of comprising a list of pro-gun companies for which to work and not trying to usurp your authority in cheering on the development of such a list. Virtually nobody is going to find said list in this tangental thread. That is why you have a whole, count them, 2 listings thus far.

If you don't start a new thread on the topic, nobody is going to know that you are soliciting such information and the response in this thread, which has nothing to actually do with the fired pharmacy employee in the actual OP, will be rather anemic.

Of course if you want a lackluster pitiful response, then don't.
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