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280 Ruger Hawkeye SS/Syn

Of interest the max charge of 53.7 gr of H4831 (Hodgdon) seems to be the maximum charge for this particular rifle. The rifle seems to have two undesirable qualities, (1st) a short throat that prevents surpassing Hodgdons max powder charge for this caliber (OAL 3.270" Nosler S/Base Soft Point), (2nd) apparently only one locking lug is making contact. The cases when fired with the max charge of H4831 (48,000 CUP Hodgdon pressure reading) rest midway between the min and max step of a Wilson Cartridge case gage, increasing the charge by .5 gr and the cases are even with the max step on the Wilson gage. This is repeatable suggesting the action is flexing which would explain the increase in length. With that said the rifle does exhibit reasonable good accuracy potential, I used sand bags to steady the rifle while looking thru the barrel and adjusted the scope cross hairs, I fired one round to confirm I was on paper. the first group 1.100", #2 & 3 were fractionally over .600" (all shots were taken at 75yds). William

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