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Ouch, 20 to 30 minutes between target changes? I suppose if you're doing precision bench shooting... but for handgun?
That's part of the problem. The two ranges that are close to me are mixed use. It's just a 100 yard range with several shooting benches. You can shoot handgun if you want, but you're mixed in with the rifle shooters too. Given that its public, its also usually VERY crowded. It's only maybe twice a year that I show up and am the only person there - that's always late evening on a weekday. On a weekend - no chance. It's usually so full that I've had to wait over an hour just for any room to open up so that I could shoot period.

No rock quarrys around here though. I am out in the forest, but shooting on any government owned forest land is a strict no-no, except for the ranges I mentioned. Most of the other USPSA guys seem to live closer to a good range. I just happen to be in the boonies where even the closest USPSA-hosting range around is over an hour away.

I suppose I'll stick to accuracy training at stationary targets. I might buy some steel plate systems with a remote reset so that I can shoot without worrying much about changing targets.

As to field courses - I was looking around and noticed that they made a BB-pistol version of my gun. That I can fire in my back yard. Do you think it would be beneficial to practice target acquisition like that or would I possibly do more harm than good practicing with a slightly different trigger feel?
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