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Hollywood and Other Shellholders

Looking at my shell holders, I have multiples of the following, which came on the six Hollywoods I own:

.222 Remington
.220 Swift
300 winmag
340 H&H Mag
.219 Donaldson Wasp

Remembering that these shell holders were made a long time ago and the shooting world has changed since then, your unnamed shell holders are probably on this list. All my documentation states that the #1 should be for THE cartridge of that era: the 30/06. I have a Rosetta Stone for shellholders, but can't find it right now.

Here are the four designs of shellholders I got with my Hollywood presses, the presses having been made between 1945-1960+. Which were made by Hollywood and which were not?

Answer from left to right:
1.RCBS (stamped "RCBS #1" on the top of the rim)
2. Hollywood (stamped "Hollywood Gun Shop" on the back and ".357 Mag" on the front
3. Hollywood (hand scribed "300M" on the top. There are no other marking showing it to be a Hollywood, but I have a picture of Phil Sharpe using his Hollywood Universal III Special, and the press has four of these mounted on the turret)
4. CH (chromed, stamped ".222 Rem CH") on the front

They are all the same basic design, but have different appearances and different heights. To complicate matters, many early presses (1935-60s) used this design. I have pictures of similar ones made by Lyman and Redding, and as previously stated, Dunbar and Herters also used them, and all are interchangeable.

As far as I am aware, the only press maker currently using this design is CH/4D, which comes on their '444' (I own one). Their shellholders are the universal-type that uses RCBS-type shellholder inserts.

Post a pic if you can of the front and top of your unidentified shellholders, and I will research it more.
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