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studman 5578

The only caliber I`d be worried bout is the 9mm, it works at a higher pressure than the others ya have listed .

reloader28 hits on a good point as 2% tin helps with castability of alloys .If your goal is 14bhn you`ll need more than tin & Rotometals is a good source of ready to melt alloys !! Another good way is to buy linotype ! & may save a buck or 2. Good fit is a must !! no matter how hard a bullet, if it`s undersized leading & inaccruaccy is inevitable

A higher tin content won`t harden any futher ,but will make the bullet tuffer.

If your seeing blue/gold colors ya probably purty close to pure lead & hot , the reason ya did`nt see it on the turkey fryer is the heat is much more controllable & if ya think the first ingots were fluxed & clean enuff ,there good to go !!

For my shooting I generally stay sub sonic 1100-1200fps & my alloys generally run 10-11bhn without problems , I generally run a .001-.0015" over throat size on the revolvers & as big as will chamber reliably on my buddies autos (he casts em but uses my sizer)
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