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Thanks for sharing this information. I moved to Chicago in 2008 for school (stayed in the dorms -no guns allowed) and finally graduated and got an apartment in the city in December. I came here from SC and stopped for a while in RI to see my family. I left my hangun in RI where it is being stored at my mother's house. I had no idea where else to keep it legally especially since I had no intention of going back to SC. I probably should have just sold it before moving out of SC. Now that I am out of school I am trying to figure out how to tie up the loose end of a weapon sitting at my mom's house. I keep worrying that its going to get stolen even though she's assured me no one knows its there. I am starting with a FOID card app, then I'll register the gun in Chicago. If all that goes smoothly, then I'll have to go get it and either fly or drive it thru NY, PA, OH, IN, and IL. Has anyone else had the experience of trying to register guns that you already own before bringing them into the city? Does my plan sound acceptable or should I just find a way to have my mom legally get rid of the gun for me?
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