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Question on SBR/Pistol uppers.

I have never done any of the tax stamp NFA stuff before. I have an ar-15 now... that has a BCM 14.5'' upper on it, but the flash hider is pinned and welded.

I work in a gun shop.. and the smiths let me take any left over AR parts they do not need usually.. so I have spare parts and rebbuild kits laying around.

I was tossing around the idea of building up a AR Pistol, but here is my question. The only really spare part I do not have at the moment is another registered lower. I plan on buying one registered as a pistol shortly... but I did not know if I assembled the upper with a short barrel... and my only existing lower is a registered rifle lower... if I would get in trouble.

I WOULD NOT pin the short upper onto my rifle... but can I get in trouble for simply having the short upper assembled in the house... before I build a registered pistol lower?
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