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Not rethinking your decision to sell me that 20 gauge 311, are you?
Mike, if he does, I have a Savage/Fox BSE we can talk about

Zippy - it comes down to saving money and bodily abuse. Since I do not shoot 410, I don't know about those loads, but I do know folks loading 5/8 in 28 gauge

After shooting 7/8 in a heavy 12, it smarts a touch in the 20 ga.Browning, and you really begin to feel it in the wooden-butt stocked 6.4# SxS 20.

Besides, one other benefit - the patterns tend to be better out of my guns with lower payloads.

Lots of folks whined when the International folks said 24 gms, yet scores went UP with the lighter loads.

The 3/4oz 20 is gaining in such great popularity, one of the major wad makers developed a 3/4 oz wad to fit perfectly.

While box pigeons may need 1-1/4 oz of 6 or 7's to be successful, clay pigeons don't need more than 3/4 to 7/8

As long as I know you have been shooting, I know you are aware of cumulative recoil effects; with some rotator issues in my main shoulder, I'd like to keep shooting as long as I can.

If I was going for the big money and top competition stuff, that would be a different story - I'd have Kim show me her strength workout...
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