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Jim does provide valid points. The main defense for artillery was the infantry, and the infantry relied on the artillery to pound the opposing lines. large guns could be hitched to the horses or mules and still fired, but the field artillery like mountain howitzers and prairie guns could be moved by the crew alone. During long transportation the pieces could be completely disassembled and carried by a team of pack mules. These aren't the huge 10-12 lbs guns but relatively light 6 lbs guns. To the main point, artillery enlisted were some times equipped with short swords that resembled the roman gladiolus, but were easily thrown away because of their weight. Pistols were sometimes carried but were seriously discouraged because one spark could set off the powder charges in the cartridge box. Carbines were carried sometimes but the stranded crew were 5 people at minimum. a small element of mounted cavalry could wipe out batteries of artillery. There were a lot of weapons cut down and sold as surplus,to schools but mainly to other countries. I would very weary of a artillery carbine on the market.
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