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I've experienced 2 XL7s and 1 XS7.

The XL7 in .270 was a decent shooter. Not MOA, but a good solid 1.5" at 100yds with a terrible scope on it. Trigger was ok. It worked just fine.

Another XL7 that I got to shoot broke its extractor. The extractor edge just sheared right off leaving a (fired) round in the chamber. The owner was shooting factory ammo,so it shouldn't have been an ammo issue.

My dad has an XS7 in .243. The trigger is ok. It's a good inexpensive, relatively lightweight rifle. When compared to the various entry level bolts such as the Remington 710, or the Savage Edge or the various big box store "ADL type" blind magazine'd Remington 700s, it seems like a pretty good rifle.

When compared to a Mosin, it's a wondrous marvel of modern technology, with a better trigger and a far better option for sighting.
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