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Tips on USPSA practice at ranges where you can't move about?

Hey guys: quick question for the USPSA shooters. I've recently started shooting USPSA and am enjoying it, but my performance is not where I want it to be. The ranges that I typically shoot matches at are great with plenty of separated bays to practice when out shooting, but they are an 1 hr 15 minutes away for one and 2 hours away for the other. It's a bit far to drive except to the monthly matches.

I have a few other closer ranges available to me, but they are either indoor (no one in front of the shooting line - targets are placed out via an electric pulley), or the range is one big live fire field where you only cross the line to change targets, and only when everyone on the line agrees to go range cold (which is typically once every 20-30 minutes). Obviously, there can't be any running around and shooting a simulated field course in such places.

Anybody have any exercises that can be done in such an environment that would help in USPSA?

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