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I was thinking about getting some antimony alloy from rotometals and using that to harden my lead. I am going to try for a hardness of 14 or so and am going to cast 9mm, 38 SPL, and 45 auto with that hardness. I might make it a bit harder and make some 357 mag with GC using that. Do you think that would be an acceptable hardness for the lighter caliber loads (the 14 for 9, 38, and 45)? Do you do any of that kindle casting?

Also i noticed that when I was melting with the fire pit, my ingots came out multi-colored rather than just the metallic silver. I'm assuming that this is due to it not being very hot when I poured the mold. Is this assumption correct? Are there any flaws to these ingots/should I recast them?

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