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I'm guessing the Blackhawk is about the toughest 327 available. At ~48oz it does noticeably deaden the recoil compared the the two small revos. I'm planing on starting with 100gr XTPs and H110. Not sure what primers to use, will probably default to small rifle. Have read about potential squib issues with H110/W296, so I'll be careful with starting loads.
I'm running Magtech and CCI small rifle primers behind all of my hot .32 H&R loads, and any of the moderate-to-hot .327 loads. Lil' Gun is great in .32 H&R. H110/W296 has done well in the .327 (but my testing is still pretty limited).

The Blackhawk is fun.

If you're going to carry big iron for self defense rather than the lighter 327 MAG revolvers that are available, might as well be chambered for 357 MAG.
That depends on your point of view.
Some of us don't even care about the SD side of the cartridge. My (wife's) 48 oz behemoth is great fun to shoot, legal for deer and antelope, and does wonders on small game. For us, it's not an SD cartridge. It's a freezer filler, plinker, and critter gitter.
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