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Sounds as if your hooked studman !!!!!!& already remedied the most common mistake of noobs , not enuff heat (shoulda seen da mess I made of things !!)

Make sure you have it hot enuff & flux well (I use parriffin wax) so ya keep any tin in your melt .

When ya get ya some wheel weights go slow ,as most lead WW are phasing out to zinc ones & there no good for bullet casting !!!!WW & your soft stuff 50/50 should do `bout anything ya want ,except for the upper pressures in magnum loads.

How ya gonna cast , ladle or bottom pour ??????

Caliber ???, ya may wanna hang on to that soft stuff , most handgun calibers will shoot acceptable groups with soft ( dented with thumb nail , but not scratched) 10-12 bhn alloys.

Some muzzle loaders will trade ya for the soft stuff!!

Have fun , BE Safe !!!
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