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First day at the furnace

Whew! first day was a success. I got outside at about noon on saturday and smelted till about 430. It was a cooker here in the chicagoland area, about 95. It didn't help that i hadn't bought any kind of regulated cooking device so I was stuck using my parent's burn pit. It was a massive pain in the butt trying to keep the temperature hot enough so yesterday I went out and bought a propane fish fryer from Bass Pro for about 40$ and WOW the difference! I was able to melt down about 20 lbs of lead in 10 min! Definitely worth the purchase. I've made about 40 pounds of ingots (I had to try out my new setup after I got it of course), I've only got another 1500 lbs of lead to go! Is anybody interested in lead in the area? I'm fairly certain its pure lead without any additives (I have't purchased a hardness kit yet so I can't say what the BHN of it is) so if anyone is willing to pay more than scrap price (.40$/lb last I heard), PM me!
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