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To correct a recent post here, it was a sworn "undercover" DEA agent not a FBI special agent who shot himself with a Glock .40S&W pistol. The wounded federal agent was from Lake Mary Florida and was speaking to a group of children in the Orlando area. To my knowledge the DEA special agent also played for 2 different NFL football teams too.
As for the video clip, the wounded man clearly states he does NOT blame the Blackhawk holster.
I think it's more of a training & safety issue than a equipment issue. I, too have seen & read about problems with SERPA rigs but I've also seen many cops & armed professionals wearing them. The large(1200+ sworn LE members) sheriff's office in my metro area has used SERPA tactical holsters with the Glock 21 .45acp for many years.
I was looking into a left hand Blackhawk SERPA for my new S&W military and police 9x19mm. I may buy a SFS/ALS type Safariland holster for duty use.
ps; As I said before, training is important. Red guns or Ring blue guns can be used to increase drawing/safe shooting methods.
Important too is; KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER, until you are ready to fire.
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