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Ms Rhode didn't always shoot Intl Skeet. Her first Olympic medals were in Olympic Trap, one in Trap Doubles.
She started in Skeet. IINM, she shot trap at Atlanta because Ladies Skeet wasn't offered as an event at that Olympics. Unlike the glory sports, the shooting sports are variable, especially for the ladies, depending on the host nation. She's proven that she knows her way around a shotgun in any olympic sport.

A while back, I was chatting with NSSA past-president Dr. Charles Clark (father of World Skeet Champion Alan Clark) and he stressed the importance of starting competitors off at an early age. His position was, if their were young enough, their brains would develop to accommodate the tasks presented them -- Alan's brain was wired differently than ours. How many of you recall seeing Tiger Woods, as a toddler with a golf club, and his dad on the Tonight Show many years ago?
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