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Got me on the "2" gauge. Edited to be the correct 12.

To answer your question, since for 2 decades my 12 gauge 18" slug gun that I got when we went to ANWR, was my only shotgun and since I used it for years to do skeet, sporting clays, bird shooting, pest control and deer hunting. I have gotten reasonably used to the recoil, the operation and instinctive nature of using it.

The two times, I have gone for it in the middle of a night when I was sound asleep I was shocked at how instinctive it was. I remember waking up, thinking go for the gun and the next thing I had it and was racking it closed. By the time I had the round chambered I was wide awake and the wife was on the phone to 911. We went into defensive mode and in both cases things worked out just fine.

Thanks for the advice. I feel confident and comfortable with my handling of the gun and how I have it loaded and to me that is what really matters.
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