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While your Savage may be less expensive than the SPS, I don't think it is any cheaper.

Neither of these rifles have what I consider old fashioned solidity and quality.

I believe that they are certainly as strong as they need to be, neither,along with the Tikka, and Browning have solid bolts and integral recoil lugs. Many changes to the old way of rifle building were done in 60's and 70's to cut corners both saving time and materials. All of these rifles have reputations for accuracy and reliability, and are as serviceable as need be.

I own shoot and reload for 340WBY, 300WBY and 280AI, right now. I want solid everything on a rifle firing carts as intense as these, So I own, Weatherby MKV, Vanguard, and Cooper, all solid, integral, and except for the Vanguard, expensive.
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