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Anyone know where I could buy this?

I am looking at this shotgun:

It is the same shotgun that I have but it has an adjustable comb. Anyone know where I could buy that stock? I do not care about the front hand guard.

Adjustable length of pull aswell would be even better as I shoot with it is 100 degrees or 5 degrees (with a thick coat).

And something else I was looking at was getting a spacer for my stock but I am having trouble interpreting the numbers.

These is this one:

and this one:

How do the dimensions work?

What I am looking to do is to drop the stock because mine comes strait back just a little too much, but I like the length of pull as it is, but just a touch longer would not hurt (thinking about shaving off part of the back for a limb saver, fired a 3 inch slug for the first time and that had some punch...).

Took out the tape measure and I would like to drop it between 1 inch and 1.5 inches... Seems like alot...
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