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may live to regret this, but I took my wife shooting...

not really. Let's put it this way, I was heading to one of my favorite local sporting clays venue and needed a trapper. Middle of the week and none of the guys were around. We have remote traps and I showed her how to depress the buttons when I shouted pull. After four or five stations, she's says, "that looks like fun. Do you think I could just try one target". I said, sure why not. Now mind you, I shoot 12ga/30" Browning target gun(s). A bit heavy with a long LOP for my sweetie. But, I showed her how to operate the gun and gave her a tip or two on how to break one clay. Incredibly, she broke the very first clay, a short straight away that you could spot shoot. After that it was all down hill.

Fast forward; I would like to take her out again, but lack a proper fitting shotgun for her to use. I refuse to invest in a dedicated target gun that fits her, until a time I'm sure she wants to improve her game. Most likely she'll lose interest along the way, but who knows. I found a nice little pre-owned 20ga Browning BPS Micro that would fit her perfectly. LOP is 13-1/2" and it barely weighs 7 pounds. Yea, it's a pump, but I plan on just throwing her singles to keep her interested for now. The little browning is in 90% condition, comes in the original box complete with all the accessories and Invector Plus choke tubes. I can get it for $350.

Don't know if I started something or not!?! Thoughts...
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