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I just got a catalogue from them sponsored by the NRA, or some such. At page 52 there is a six shooter called the Millenium, and the cowboy on the next page. To be honest I have never heard of Cabelas, and was wondering why so cheap on these guns. 199 is about 150 bucks less then I paid for my vaquero, and the 500 for the cowboy makes me sure this isn't the colt version. Are these just cheap because, or is it you get what you pay for? Oh and while I am on the subject of Cabelas, I want to as about the gun belts and holsters. If I did it right, I could get a rig from them for about 75 bucks. The cheapest rig I have ever seen before was in the 150 to 250 range. Again is this you get what you pay for, or do they have that much of a market they can sell for cheap?
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