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Well said.

I would add to that the following: The worst injuries I have sustained so far at the range involve flying brass which is present, no matter what the target is, any time semi-autos are present. I've had one piece of brass leave a bad burn on my arm and another cut my forehead. I've also ruined a pair of safety glasses when a flying empty cut a crescent on the lens of my safety glasses directly in front of my right eye.

Shooting glasses are a must at the range whether you're shooting or not and regardless of the targets employed.

I recommend them for gun cleaning and gunsmithing as well. Firearms contain compressed springs and that means that flying parts or springs are a reality when dealing with firearm disassembly/reassembly.

Wear your safety glasses when disassembling/reassembling or shooting firearms.

By the way, prescription safety glasses can be quite inexpensive if you go with a basic pair.
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