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Steel targets and ricochets

Just a friendly reminder to everyone who shoots steel out there to always wear proper eye protection.

I caught a jacket or bullet fragment in the neck this pm, looked horrible but was merely a flesh wound, my shirt was all soaked in blood. It did get me thinking, I was wearing regular prescription glasses, had that fragment been higher, it could have come in behind the lens and hit me in the eye, from the angle it hit me.

Two things I learned - wear full wrap around safety glasses when shooting steel, and don't stand beside someone shooting steel. I was off to the side about twenty feet, even with the shooter and not even shooting when I got hit. We were 11 yards from the targets, our clubs minumum distance.

Everyone was doing everything right, the targets in in great condition and well designed, things just happen sometimes. Moral of the story: Wear proper full safety glasses when shooting steel!
Just remember, when you pull the trigger, the bullets come out going very, very fast. So make sure to keep the weapon pointing away from you.

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