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You fired 27 rounds w/o problem before this? The action fed and extracted those satisfactorily. Do, when you are trying to cycle a round now, does it extract ok after the failure to chamber. I'm thinking you could have an extractor that failed after 27 rounds. I can't think of any organic problem with the rifle that may cause this. Chambers just don't change dimensions w/o something real bad happening. My guess would be something has malfunctioned in the bolt. Did you examine the last case fired? I would say contact Savage/Stevens. Good luck, this is puzzling.

I guess that if the barrel nut wasn't secured right, that it could effect headspace. I have no real experience with Savage Stevens, except firing an associates Savage, at the range. I have read a lot about them and talked about them with the hands in the local gunshops. Again contact Savage Stevens.

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