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HELP! The bolt on my .308 is malfunctioning

I bought a Stevens 200, took it to the range today for the second time, fired 27 shots in about an hour and a half. The last shot, I pulled the bolt back, inserted a round, pushed the bolt foreward, pushed down on the bolt handle to lock the round in the chamber, and it wouldn't close. I extracted the round, worked the bolt back and forth opened and closed it, seemed to work fine. So I loaded it, the bolt closed when I pushed the handle down, and fired. Worked like a charm. Loaded another shot, same thing happened, bolt wouldn't close to lock the round in, only this time I couldn't fix it, so I packed up the gun and left. When I got home I stripped the rifle, cleaned the barrel, action, and bolt, placed a training round in the rifle, tried to load it, and the same thing happened, the bolt wouldn't close. Anyone know what may be wrong with my rifle?
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