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As we know (or should know), Ezell is before the 7th Circuit, awaiting a decision on the merits of its injunction against Chicago.

A new wrinkle has just appeared.

Rham Emanual (the new Mayor of Chicago), is proposing an ordinance that will allow gun ranges in Chicago:

He is not dumb. He has seen the writing on the wall and is taking whatever steps to preserve as much power as he can. If the ordinance is passed, it would moot Ezell v. Chicago, currently before the 7th Circuit.

Donald Kilmer, over at CalGuns, says:

Originally Posted by Donald Kilmer
Chicago's lawyers will probably file a notice with the court to alert them to possibility that the case may be mooted by the ordinance. Unless the judges are determined to issue an opinion under a theory that "the wrong" that was infringing the "the right" is capable/likely of repetition, the notice will be enough to delay the decision - at least until everyone gets to take a look at the ordinance.

This is NOT a good turn of events.
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