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Thoughts on Marlin XL7

I'm considering picking up a Marlin XL7 30.06 as my first hunting rifle. I love shooting my 91/30 but I'm not comfortable relying on my skill (and poor eye sight) with iron sights.

I've read some of the threads here that mention this rifle when discussing other topics as well as a few reviews that seem to have some positive input and high aspirations but I thought I'd pool the readership for some more direct experience.

I will confess that I don't know a lot about what makes a good gun vs a bad gun. I will also admit that the price point for the Marlin was a serious consideration in checking it out in the first place. I have a better chance of putting a couple hundred bucks together than a grand.

So, open for discussion. Would you recommend this to a newer shooter who is currently putting about 60-100 rounds down range a week and wants to be ready for his first deer hunt by 2012?
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