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So you think you shoot a lot?

Current issue of Sports Afield had a short article on Zippy's friend, Kim Rhode. She is slated to go for medal in London at the 2012 Olympics. IF she manages this incredible feat, she will become the ONLY US Olympic athlete in ANY sport to do so for 5 consecutive Olympics.

She shoots International Skeet - low gun, low shot charge, variable 1-3 second delay. Her training includes station training in which she starts at station 1 and tries to shoot 25 in a row without a miss - if she misses, she starts all over and continues until she succeeds. The she shoots 25 pairs, and continues this way until she shoots all of the stations, resulting in her shooting 500-1000 rounds per DAY, EVERY DAY -

Her new Perazzi is serving her well

Let's hope she brings home the gold AND the media plays it up big time - when she first won gold in Atlanta in 96, she was the first American of those games to medal, and the press barely mentioned her name, let alone her feat of being 16 at the time.
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