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I've heard good things about Knights Armament and Yankee Hill suppressors. Which do you think is the "best"? Also which would be better one that goes over a flash suppressor or one that screws on? Yes we are allowed suppressors which is a good thing when we search container ships so far never have fired a shot minus training drills on an old tanker that is used by many departments for training ops. We do have MP5sd's that we can use but if we want a rifle we must purchase our own. Our policy is actually pretty liberal in the rifle category has to be 5.56/223 can't be a "custom" rifle ie an upper that is a different company than lower no two stage trigger, and a few other specs. Sidearms on the other hand aren't as liberal but I don't mind as much because mine is on the list. You have to get qualified with all firearms even if you don't use them and there's ALOT of various sub guns we have UMP's, and MP5's plus our approved rifles and our sidearms. Hope that answers your question.
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