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Number of shooters I'm only talking the big registered shoots sporting clays in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana ....are all down over each of the last 5 years - based on what I hear from clubs in the Northwest - and its worse in Trap ...and way worse in Skeet.

Its been a long time up here in the Northwest ...when a sporting clays registered tournament ....had to turn shooters away because they only had room to accomodate 200 or 300 shooters for the tournament.

I'm also seeing the age of the shooters ...continuing to increase. There just aren't that many guys in their 30's or under ...that can pay $ 500 or more for a big tournament up here. Even the weekly shoots - where its about $40 to enter...has seen a drop in shooters too on the sporting clays circuit.

Disposable income is part of it ...on tournaments ...and in buying new shotguns, I think.
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