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Sporting is growing - at least in the Red states Jim - I suspect your proximity to Seattle and all that e tails politically, combined with high gas and unemployment is hurting some areas more than others

I see CG s a higher-priced Browning or Beretta basic 68X series- their selling point is nicer finish (agree), better balancing capabilities (agree), top-notch customer service, including three free "pit stops" for tune-ups (agree), new and better engineering design (I disagree there)

Blaser and Zoli sit inbetween those and the higher-tier target guns from Perazzi, Kreighoff, Kolar, Beretta SO5, and on the trap side - Ljutic and Seitz

CG's are good guns - are they worth $X more or are thy inferior by $Y over any of the others? That starts to get into the realm of subjectivity.

Can a high-dollar gun buy a shooter extra targets? In certain ways, yes - typically the higher guns have a fitted stock, balanced just right and a better trigger with light crisp pulls.

IF the shooter BELIEVES he/she will shoot better, than it has, indeed, bought them an extra target or two - and if that extra target or two translates into wins from also-rans, success as been achieved
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