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The other issue --- on some of these higher end guns are shooters buying them to get to that next competitive level the tool to get them to a dozen or more 100's ..../ or are they buying them because they just want them....

Competitive target shooting / big registered shoots .../ number of shooters are way, way down....:

a. Registered Skeet really dying. State championship around here, we're lucky to see 40 shooters / where 10 yrs ago there were 200 or more.

b. Registered Trap down at least 50% over what it was 10 yrs ago.

c. Sporting Clays ...has been down each of the last 5 yrs .../ especially in big shoots like state or regional championships.

As registered shooters numbers continue to diminish ...there are less and less shooters that need / or that will buy these higher end guns. I don't think their markets are that strong ...
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