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Nothing in the CG line interests me enough for me to get rid of my better Brownings and buy one. I've shot a few of them /and some Zoli's ...and just nothing there as far as I'm concerned to make the jump.

To me - there is a significant difference / moving up to Blaser or Perazzi ...and then another big jump to Kolar and Krieghoff.

The better Brownings ( like the XS Skeet or XT Trap with adj combs ) or the Beretta DT-10's, some of the 682's etc ...give you a lot of gun for the money ( in the $ 3,000 - $5,000 price range these days).

I think Blaser might hurt both CG and Zoli in the higher mid-range market ...and Browning/Beretta will hurt them on the lower end of the mid-range market ...and both CG and Zoli might get left out in the cold. ???

The guys at my club that are buying CG's .../ and there aren't many ../ are guys that want a prestigous gun "in their minds" - but can't afford the Blaser or Perazzi - let alone the Kolar or Krieghoff.
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