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Oh to have a new custom B-25 with IC/LM fixed choke combo!! Can't think of a better sporting shotgun on the planet...
For the $$$ they want for one of those.. I would buy a Perazzi...

I too wasn't thrilled with the Summit Impact, but they are a step above beretta and a tad above Browning. Some of the other CGs I do like, but I can't justify spending that much on a gun for one disipline. I still prefer a blued slab reciever on the Citoris, but the CGs are nice and priced better than other upper end guns. The CGs and Zolis are meant to bridge the gap between Krieghoff and Browning.
Beretta makes a lot of different shotguns... In the O/U category they go from $1800-$90,000...

So I highly disagree about the "step up above Beretta"

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