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Here is yet another example of why I think employees in dangerous positions should be able to defend themselves:
They are able to defend themselves. What they may not be allowed to do is to have a gun. A gun is a fine means of self defense (though we keep harping over and over how handguns are notoriously poor stoppers), but is not an only means.

Besides, we are all in dangerous positions as it isn't so much the danger as it is the consequences. Good people in non "dangerous" positions are killed every day and a lot of them are the results of things like robberies that occur to people and businesses who legally and in compliance with rules can be armed and who do not arm themselves. Why? There are those who get permits to carry guns and then don't carry. It isn't that they can qualify, but do qualify and then leave the gun at home. There are those who can and do get permitted, carry, and then never bother to learn anything about self defense. We see a bunch of stories here about CCW folks that are clueless. There are people who legally cannot carry a gun or work some place that does not allow guns and they generally do absolutely nothing else to provide for their own safety as if they could not be bothered to learn anything about self defnese, situational awareness, etc.

Far too many humans put far too little value into self defense and crisis management. They scoff at fire drills, don't read emergency plans, don't know first aid, and don't take the time to learn about self defense for the parameters of their given situations in life and when something goes wrong, they blame everyone but themselves for lacks of defense or crisis management plans and often they are the first to whine when they do break the rules, carry a gun, get caught (using it or just out of stupidity), and get fired.
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