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You can also say, "I would like to exercise my right to remain silent at least until I speak with my lawyer."

I am not even getting into whether this is best option. I am just saying if this is done much of what you say will be reversed. Interrogations at police stations stop when people 'lawyer up' BUT you would be amazed how many cops keep asking questions after a suspect exercises his rights to remain silent and to legally access a lawyer. Officers can sometimes get upset as well and a little aggressive(an example is the recent open carry activist in Philly who recorded his altercation with a uniformed officer in Philly while he was legally open carrying - this thread was on the firing line but I can't remember which one). Don't get me wrong, it is understandable for a LEO to get upset with some of the crimes they deal with on a day to day and week to week basis.

You seem to be interested in this stuff even though its prevebntative and you oprobably won't need it. That is a good thing and at least half the battle

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