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but since Apple has been caught tracking peoples movements utilizing this device could they access your gun information.
That’s not true. Apple is not tracking you, but the iPhone was building a database of wifi hotspots around your current location to make it easier to provide apps your current location more quickly than can be ascertained with GPS. I’ve got about 20 apps that use that information to provide me information based on my current application:

Camera stamps location information on photos. Traffic programs start with my current location, UrbanSpoon identifies nearby restaurants. Wells Fargo can tell me where the nearby ATMs are.

What you’re suggesting is that more specific information with your personal locations was being uploaded to Apple with your name attached. I don’t think that’s true.

I suppose the potential is there, but that is true of any cell phone with GPS.

I think you’re right about your needing a tinfoil app, though.
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