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if your gonna cast plain base or g/c yes you will need lube for boh boolit kinds no how soft or hard your alloy is and vel is also a factor ,if your using p/b boolits then i wouldn,t load more than say 1500fps or leading can accure.
with a g/c and right lube and right alloy well your vel increases greatly ,its all good fun figuing out what works best for that particular firearm so slug your bore and cast boolits to size .002 over dia and your on your way ,,,.
have a great night adrians.
p.s i also use 45-45-10 and lyman stick lube in my 45 sizer.
and for cast info well ,,,,LYMAN,,,,LYMAN,,,,LYMAN i have been collecting ideal/lyman books my oldest is 1943 ,,i think! /COLOR]
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